Make Love Simple

    It's you. This is all about you. No one else can change the things that you can change. So, pick this up and put it to work.

    First, pay attention. Observe. See what's taking place in the world, know what's taking place within you. You don't have to act unless you choose to or unless its required of you. You can let many things pass. Just be present to observe them. Watch your mind "attend" what's taking place.

    Then, appreciate what transpires. You don't have to like it or support it or adopt it or reject it. Simply appreciate what's taking place - recognize the relationships. See the comparisons, find the similes and metaphors that give it some reference. Reach with your heart and mind to understand the situation as best as you can.

    These two, attention and appreciation are the simple heart of love in your world. If you keep these two engaged with life, life will behave differently and you will behave better.

    Then, when you want to do something, when you make a choice to create, prepare to make the change. When you make any change, you express something to do that. Energy goes out of you and into the world. The conditions of life get altered by you. No matter how apparent or insignificant your act may seem, it is vibrating the world into change.

    Since you expressed this change, experience it. Don't miss what you have done. Pay attention. Appreciate it. Understand your thoughts, their actions and the effects that come from them.

    This simple cycle of expression and experience runs constantly, so as you apply it, be aware. Not in some glaring stare but with some ease. Relax yourself, your body, your mind. Be focused but relaxed.

    Concentrate on your creation. In your relaxed, easy state, concentrate on both the big picture and the details. Visualize the interactions. Recognize the way things work. See your creation as something that already exists in your own mind before you place it in the world. Then, when the time is right, release your creative energy and effort and let what you intend pour into creation. Let it go.

    Loosen your grip and let it grow.

    When you create, you are the creator. You are the source of the change you're making. Be aware. Find the motivation that gets things done. Take responsibility for it. Manage your efforts. Nudge the nuances required to navigate the changes of the world so that your creation takes root and grows.

    Feel it as it happens all along the way with your attention and appreciation. Be sensitive and aware of how your influence is interacting with others and what they are creating. Feel the implications of these interactions. Get what's happening as it happens.

    In all of this, creator, engage.

    Sink your creative effort into the whole of creation. Be part of it as it happens, as you make it happen. Even as you do, be in the world of your creation but not of it. Even with the things you are most passionate about, be dispassionate in order to maintain your clarity and concentration.

    See the system you are engaging from outside that system. Make your changes within it. Toggle between the two. Master what your mind is making to make that masterfully in the world.

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