Break away from the daily routine and drop your team into an immersive journey through their natural promise for peak performance. All of us have a personal best. By making the moment of change the gate of growth, you can lead them to a steady, new state of incremental improvement, personal satisfaction and co-operative strength.

Farrell North's years of hands-on experience provides the leadership to take your people from where they are now to new levels of personal and collective excellence.

Check out some of these options. Or contact him to design a custom program tailored to your needs.


Change Ourselves To Change Our World

Life's hard. Challenge abounds. So such seems way beyond our means.

Even when we can't change the conditions of the world we face, we can change how we choose to respond - how we choose to think, feel and act.

Learn to activate an internal locus of control that lets you call the shots of your response in an ever changing environment.

It's an art and you can learn it. When we work that together, we can find a path of least resistance that moves us forward in ways we never could imagine.


The Way We Feel The Way We Do

Life goes up and down on a daily basis within your organization. Building a healthy and resilient work environment begins with adaptable individuals who share a common understanding of how to manage how it feels to move through change.

This hands-on, experiential workshop links direct operational engagement with the emotional intelligence to guide it.

Whatever we do, it feels like something.

Learn to clear the emotional smog that corrodes best performance and instill a healthy, adaptive attitude that lifts everyone's game on an ongoing basis.


Strategic Planning Workshop

Designed for associations of executives, this workshop trains executive leaders to adapt to changing conditions in ways that increases organization strength and flexibility. We use a highly intuitive, self-evident model of transformation to address change at any level of the enterprise. The model is developed through six, participatory segments. Each segment includes:

  • a module of theory and case study,
  • exercises to model the work of this stage,
  • reflective practice to integrate personal relevance and insights, and
  • group dialog to question and discuss the issues of the segment.

Completion of all six segments provides a comprehensive introduction to the full cycle of strategic planning, implementation, performance evaluation, and constant incremental improvement.


The Leadership of Creative Culture Bootcamp

A Modularized system of programs designed to link together that help you reframe the way your leadership sees and interacts with the human engine of your organization. Designed for a one week intensive but easily re-staged for engagement over time, these powerful creative immersions enhance the power of the individual to empower the full creative force of your overall team.

1. Introduction to The Art of The Zone

What's the secret to an insightful, breakthrough moment? How is it that one person can completely nail the solution to a challenge and another remains clueless?

The Art of The Zone reveals a cluster of meta-cognitive principles that work together to give us the insight and action to deliver the right performance at the right time.

Self-evident concepts, captivating games, interactive dialog and personal experiences model a new way of walking through change. That can be a lifestyle. Learn how you can make it yours.


2. Leading Ourselves and Others in The Habit of Success

Every moment provides the opportunity to raise our game. No matter what we're facing, its always our choice to respond as we choose.

Learn to integrate a powerful, simple habit that can transform any situation into a better state.

Developed for senior managers in the U.S. federal government, The Habit of Success ingrains emotional intelligence as a standard operating procedure in any art or skill you apply.

An equal mix of presentation, dialog, exercise and reflective practice gives your participants a big picture approach to the personal details of their lives that can improve everything in their daily routine.


3. The Leadership of Creative Culture

It's time for us to understand that we are leading a self-organized, complex, creative ecology that is ceaselessly re-writing itself on the fly as it adapts to change in a far larger, far more complex global ecology. This is how we meet the challenge to systematically mature the adaptive, creative capacity of each creator in our organization to contribute to the wealth and well being of the whole system.


4. Building Creative Cultural Osmosis

4.A The Entrepreneurial Opportunities Intensive

Looking for new solutions. Need some fresh alternatives for how to reach the market or serve your critical stakeholders leggi il report completo? This fast paced, full day workshop will crack open insight and innovation and show you the rich reserve of ideas you team can provide. An engaging, game based strategy, 101 Ways builds teams of innovators to compete against each other as they collaboratively learn the secrets of strategic process and deliver actionable ideas you can directly move forward.

4.B. Getting Viral Champions for the Creative Culture

Every day we are bombarded by a war of words designed to manipulate the way we think and the way we behave. Turn these forces on the heads and re-apply them to invigorating and spreading creative culture throughout your organization

All programs can be customized to meet your specific needs. Give me a call and we can discuss how these powerful, intuitive principles can be leveraged by your team to amplify your success.

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