Through the years I've had the opportunity to facilitate and produce projects for individuals, government and corporate clients. Some of these include:



United Artists Corporation

City Council of Lafayette, Colorado

City Council of Cortez, Colorado

City Council of La Junta, Colorado

Colorado Association of School Business Officials

Colorado Council on The Arts

Colorado Division of Local Government

Colorado Institute of Art

Colorado Municipal League

Colorado Production Group

Colorado School of Mines Department of Mathematical and Computer Sciences

Colorado Small Business Development Center

Colorado Office of Professional Development

"The information you imparted was of great value and raised the level of organizational consciousness of the group. I hope we can work together again in the near future."
State of Colorado, Department of Local Affairs

Colorado State University College of Business Advanced Applications Laboratory



Fremont Sanitation District

Group One Broadcasting

General Electric Broadcasting

Golden Aluminum

Hewlett Packard

Hilton Hotels


"Who would have believed a year ago that we would now be in the midst of such a stimulating and challenging period. The foundation of all of these activities is the department's new focus on modeling, analysis and computation, an initiative that emerged after your working with us for six months last year. I recall our first meeting. I  must admit that I had instant faith in you, not a common reaction for a Scot, but you came very highly recommended, instilled in me considerable confidence and trust, and assured me that the situation was far from impossible but, of course, challenging. The next six months were both stimulating and productive. Your interviews with heads of departments and directors of divisions on campus...were exceedingly well received. You certainly presented our department in a very positive way to heads/directors and brought us valuable feedback which would have been difficult for us to attain...You did a remarkable only regret is that I did not tape every meeting that was held with you and every conversation that we had, as each was so inspiring, exciting and challenging..."
Colorado School of Mines Department of Mathematical and Computer Science

Kellogg Foundation- Managing Information in Rural America

Martin Marietta

Medical Group Managers Association

The Morris Animal Foundation

National Association of State Arts Agencies

National Institute of Governmental Purchasing

National Association of Purchasing Managers

Raddisson Hotels

"From the comments after the conference and the evaluations  have looked at, your portion of the conference was of great interest and left many people wanting more. The information you impart is often astounding and truly sparks the creative minds of the artists that take part in these conferences. Without your assistance...we would be hard pressed to find anyone so knowledgeable and personable."
Colorado Lawyers for the Arts

Presidential Management Fellows Program  (U.S. Social Security Administration)

Telecommunications, Inc.

Tribune Broadcasting

Unistar Satellite Broadcast

"Evaluations and comments from participants were very positive...Several participants wrote that you were one of the best speakers at the conference... I look forward to working with you in the future. You are a tremendous resource."
Colorado Arts Consortium

University of Colorado College of Arts and Media

The U.S. Air Force leggi il report completo

U.S. Office of Personnel Management

Z Axis Video Animation

Keynotes, Training, Executive Retreats

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