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Supercharge the opening of your next conference with the inspiring insights of a driving message that ignites the creative enthusiasm and efforts of your audience.

Make a buzz that will drive your entire event.

Set this in motion instantly as Farrell North reminds your audience of their personal power and promise is their central asset and the heart of value in your association.

Farrell's lifetime of design and development experience across a wide spectrum of corporate, governmental and private projects equips him to address the specific issues of your group with both executive vision and hands-on appreciation for their importance at every level of organization involvement.

Funny, insightful, full of spontaneous warmth and wonder, Farrell brings an encyclopedic knowledge, ready wit and a heartfelt message crafted around your most important topic and masterfully presented to reach everyone in your room. Having spoken and performed for audiences since he was eleven years old, he shares a rich history of creative experience and understanding that resonates with your people at their core. Reminding us of who we are, why we’re alive and what we’re capable of becoming, Farrell's lifetime passion for our creative promise brings home the point that our next moment is an open invitation to our best performance.

All programs can be customized to address your specific needs. Contact him to discuss your unique requirements  He’ll be happy to see that your keynote strikes a powerful spark to ignite your people and make you a hero.

Here are a few themes to spark your imagination and set your meeting 0n a creative path.

Make Your Brain Your Faithful Dog

Makes no sense for the unexpected to throw you off your game. Learn the little triggers in the brain that throw you into fear and anxiety. Then, teach your brain three tricks of the master trainers that will put you in charge of your brain instead of the other way around. Fast, funny, directly useful for everyone who wants to retrain anxious into effective. (Keywords: conquer fear, confidence, courage, quiet mind, mindfulness)

We Feel What We Do

No matter what mission we're set on, we have to blend  application specific skills with a resilient, adaptive attitude. The singular power of our emotional intelligence to guide our practical efforts breaks through loud and clear in this short, inspiring keynote. (Keywords: emotional intelligence, operational prowess, personal attitude, healthy work environment)

How To Find Unexpected Opportunities

Trouble could be waiting around every corner. Or, could a simple twist of thought turn it into unexpected wonder? Find out how the improbable can be possible if we clean up our internal model and set ourselves up for discovery. (Keywords: Innovation, improvise,discover,new solutions)

Navigating Chaos

Does it feel like the world is reeling into a chaotic and unknown future? You’re right! But don’t worry, that’s all it ever does. Here’s a short course in creative change and how we take the next surprise and turn it to our advantage leggi il report completo.
(Keywords: Creativity, change, adaptability and resilience)

Leading Creative Cultures

Still dragging Industrial-Age leadership into the future? That's a no-win effort. Were deep in the Creative Age. Learn its secrets and unlock treasure in the future. Become more naturally creative by embracing these simple, powerful principles of creative power.
(Keywords: Leadership, creativity, organizational culture and change)

Governing Growth and Success

Governing a creative enterprise is a multifaceted effort that provides your board members with a remarkable opportunity to assert beneficial influence. Refresh their understanding of their prestigious role and amplify their ability to contribute to the success of the organization (available as both a keynote and a morning workshop)
(Keywords: Governance, Board of Directors, Leadership)

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