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Farrell North is principal in Farrell North Design Projects, a boutique design and development firm with a rich, creative history.

Over four decades, he has created a broad and diverse spectrum of prototypical projects.

Focused on opportunities to innovate practical solutions, Farrell has served clients large and small in manufacturing to specification; entertainment production; broadcasting; ergonomics; aerospace; biotechnology and organizational development.

Based on his experience in creative development, he's authored the forthcoming book The Art of The Zone, a worldview of creative process that explains how power evolves in self-organization.

With his intuitive techniques, he assists individuals and board level groups to collaboratively focus on the critical issues and emerging trends that affect their success and develop rolling, adaptive policies and strategies that support pro-active choices on all levels of the organization in chaotic times.

Farrell explores the processes that evolve power as change accelerates.

He's uniquely equipped to address how we become masterful in adapting to the challenges we face in the early twenty first century.

Farrell's developed projects for AT&T, General Electric Broadcasting, United Artist, The U.S. Air Force, IBM, Hewlett Packard, and many others.

He has facilitated strategic planning for The Colorado Municipal League, The Colorado School Of Mines, The University of Colorado, along with numerous municipalities and non-profit enterprises.

His programs on adapting to change have been enthusiastically received by groups including National Association of Purchasing Managers, The National Association Of State Arts Agencies, The Morris Animal Foundation and The National Institute of Governmental Purchasing.

He has trained constituencies in project and policy development for the W leggi il report completo.K. Kellogg Foundation and served as adjunct faculty for the U.S. Office of Personnel Management and the President’s Management Fellows at the U.S. Social Security Administrations.

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