There is a moment when everything changes: when what-already-is becomes what doesn't exist. Its always here, always ready to turn into something else.

It does that for you, for me, for everything, forever.

This is where we grow and develop self mastery. This is where we win or lose. This is where we are constantly learning to adapt to the changing demands of this evolutionary moment.

It's good to get good at this, so, I made you a handbook and a map.

It describes the scope of our life as a creative being - our wholeness and how we meet the flow of change. It shows how we integrate what we wish to become with the ever-present, flowing moment we navigate. If you want to do that, here's what you'll find inside:

Table of Contents



Part I   Creators in the Universe of Becoming

Chapter 1. Form The Wormhole

As we move through time, we constantly open a wormhole of transformation that determines our relationship with change.

Chapter 2. Human Dignity vs. Trauma

Choosing how we respond to the changing moment is the sovereign basis of existence but many forces work to limit or control our most fundamental strength.

Chapter 3. How Creators Evolve Power

In every moment we take a chance on change. Whether we succeed or fail determines the creative power at our disposal.

Chapter 4. The Studio of the Unknown

The cosmos is a deep, random pool of creative flux we call chaos. To succeed at anything, we need to master our presence in the unknown.

Chapter 5. Babble of Explanation

In a world of random chaos, explaining what's going on is big business. What explanation do we listen to and to what does that lead?.

Chapter 6. The Web of Synaptic Identity

In that deep end of competing impressions, why do we think we are who we are and what does our choice of identity cause us to do?

Chapter 7. Nature’s Experiment in Open Systems

What does the open-ended world imply for our personal opportunities?

Part II    Creative Sovereignty In The Evolutionary Moment

Chapter 8. Five Facets of Creative Sovereignty

At our root lies a bundle of cognitive strengths that direct every experience we have and every expression we make.

Chapter 9. Creative Enterprise

Whatever we choose to do we engage these four planes of activity.

Chapter 10. The Vessel of Self-Emergence

You make waves in the world and these five factors shape every one.

Chapter 11. We Are Existence

The whole of it is here now in everything you think and do.

Chapter 12. The Mission is the Meaning

The whole of our creative genius is headed towards the next thing we do.

Chapter 13. Identity Mediates The Mission

Who we think we are and how it influences our performance.

Chapter 14  The Awakened Creator

Creation is the unavoidable work in progress. To awaken to it and engage it makes life full and complete.

Part III    Mature Creative Excellence Forever

Chapter 15. Move Towards Pro-Social Actualization

Become whole. Share the whole with others.

Chapter 16. The Beauty Virus

The unavoidable wonder of aspiring to excellence in the commonplace.

Chapter 17. Living At The Gate Of Change

Learning to live at the next step forward.

Chapter 18. Playing in the Zone

The spontaneous recognition of improvisational wonder.

Chapter 19. Become the Master of Open Systems

Getting good at getting better in the open-ended world.

Chapter 20. The Vectors Of Creative Development

Everything grows as everything grows.

Chapter 21. The Life of Spontaneous Brilliance

How we navigate the state of improvisational wonder and discovery.

Chapter 22. Play Through, Play Better

One step at a time. One step after another. Each one better than the next.

Chapter 23. A Culture of Adaptive Creativity Forever

A new civilization of competent creators and the events they make.


A Heiroglyph of Autopoetic Self-Organization

A Lexicon For Adaptive Culture



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