blue-button-close-up-1176618-1If you value the expanding, creative mastery of your organization, my work is focused on building that capacity. Here are a few, brief papers on topics you may find helpful. Bring yourself up to speed quickly and move forward.

While your here, take a moment to look at my customized training programs designed to embed adaptive, creative performance in leaders throughout your organization.

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How To Plan a Successful Retreat

Make your upcoming planning session a memorable success by considering these key factors in your retreat.

Successful Retreat.PDF

Adaptive Policy and Performance

Design, implement, and refine successful policy with your stakeholders.

Adaptive Policy and Performance.PDF


Strategic Planning

Discover the foundation for all strategic thinking and how you can use it to build an adaptive organization.

Strategic Planning. PDF



Train Up Your Creative Strength

Retreats and Rich Dialogs

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