Take Back Control In The Midst of Crisis


    Media Is Dedicated to Thought Control

    I have a long-running study to calculate the billions spent daily to control your mind. So many make so much off of doing this, they tend to hide those numbers very well. What they don't hide is their in-your-face intent to tell you what to think and what to do.

    Its herd talk to direct herd behavior. Even when a true crisis like this global pandemic is upon us, the media makes and milks fear.

    It is a simple act to fill you with anxiety. The messages are unapologetically pushy and annoying - an artful effort to control what they want you to see and think and do. And it works.

    You watch. You listen. You take it in. You think about it. You try to tune it out, Even when you don't want to, you absorb the instructions to salivate when they ring the bell.

    Then, you respond exactly as you've been trained.

    It works because we let them. We laugh at their jokes. We coo when they signal our virtues. We  light up when their songs touch our hearts. Then we follow them down the path to which they take us.

    History has taught us, this never works out well.


    An Experiment to Take Back Control of Your Thoughts


    Interested in going somewhere else? Want to try an experiment to change the behavior of the herd divided?

    It's simple enough. And you can do it while no one's looking leggi il report completo. No one will ever know you turned off their channel and reclaimed control of your own mind. And, you'll love it.

    Here's how it works. When ever anyone attempts to influence you, they do so by taking command of your attention - they make you pay attention to them. When you do, they deliver the ideas they want you to hold. They enter your mind. You absorb what they broadcast. It works the same for whatever we choose to do. We choose what we pay attention to.

    This exercise is an experiment to reverse the strength of the external messages and reinforce your own natural skill to direct your mind to where you want it to go. Here's how it works:

    Find ten minutes when you can be alone - actually alone or even alone in public. You can close your eyes if you want but it works perfectly well with your eyes wide open. We're going to use two things: your attention and your imagination.

    The key is that this is not intellectual, not something to read and say, "I get it." You must actually create the images in your imagination. Then, you must feel the experience you have when you visualize these images in your imagination.

    Now, think about someone you love, someone you love very deeply - a child, a lover, a family member, a dear friend. Take a moment to actually, viscerally feel how you love them so that the feeling swells up within you. Dwell in that. Make it alive in your heart.

    Now think of that same person and the others that they love very warmly, very deeply. Feel them feeling that love just as you feel yours. As you do, recognize you share the exact same feeling. Let that feeling grow inside you. Dwell in that.

    Let you imagination expand to think of another you don't know that well, perhaps a neighbor or a co-worker or someone you see in the street. Imagine the ones they love. and feel. Just like the ones you love, feel the love they share for those they care for. It's the same, isn't it. Their love is identical to the love you feel. Share in that. Make it alive within you. Dwell in that.

    Now become more daring and imagine someone you have trouble with, maybe someone you really don't like, even someone you hate. See the one's they care about. Understand they love someone too. Allow yourself to feel the love they feel for their loved ones.

    Just as if you were standing in their shoes, allow yourself to feel the love they feel. Recognize, their love is identical to your love.

    Now let your imagination begin to roll out across the entire city, your region, your nation, the planet and imagine every being there and their love for another. Open yourself to that. Feel that. Understand the entire field of love occupying every person on the planet is vibrating at one and the same frequency - love.

    That love is undivided. It is not segmented. It is not one love opposed to another. It is one love. Your love. Their love. One love. Allow yourself to dwell in that.

    As you do, sweep all of that sensation up and draw it deep into yourself. Make it yours. Make the undifferentiated, expansive love of humanity your love. Dwell in it.


    Make Love The Secret Fever Within You

    Do this experiment every day at the same time for about a week.  Make this a private retreat from the noise of the media message.

    Nothing requires you to listen to the media. You're free to abandon them anytime you wish. Create this personal vessel of peace in your heart.

    Hold it open there for yourself. Hold it open within yourself for everyone.

    It you find this experiment useful, maybe you can think of someone else you know who might like to explore it. If you do, why don't you forward this exercise to on to them. Encourage them to do the same. We're all free to delete it at any time. Remember, it's just an experiment.

    If you find this useful, there's more ideas like this to be explored here at [email protected]. Take some time, log in and read around.

    If this brief exercise opened something for you, use your email address to log in on the Ten Minutes Without an Enemy page. and tell us about your experience. You'll be able to read what others have discovered doing this. I think you'll be amazed at what we share when we join a common exercise like this one. The results can be remarkable.

    In a world of contrived reality, this is an exercise in directing your own authentic life. Its something you can master. We love learning to master something. And life always loves it when we do.

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