You, Excellent Being, Get Better


    Very simply, become authentically good. Whatever you choose to do, in all of your behaviors, with every intent, breathe into it your best presence, your best performance. In this moment and the next, be good. Find the best within yourself. Feel at home in excellence. Relax. Await the opening to pour that outward into your world.

    Then flow. Let the good just flow forth effortlessly.

    Be authentically good, rooted in a true intent to be just a little bit better than the last effort, a bit more on point, more accurately good, better than you've been able to achieve before, now within reach, attainable. That would be good.

    Not that smarmy, sickly sweet, pretentious good; not the show off "look how good I am," good but a no-one-has-to-see-this good, an invisible goodness that nails a tiny, perfect moment with precision - then moves on.

    Nothing can prevent this goodness from emerging. Every new or ancient tale we tell stars goodness as an underdog subverting powerful, corrupted beasts that trample good. In every story, good survives and ascends to save the day.

    Good is always resilient in the face of its destruction. It is elastic. It springs back. Its good.

    Don't worry about the obstacles before you. Sure, they're authentic also. The impediments you face are real deals you must rise to face off however you see best. Do that. Turn them towards some benefit.

    That's hard all day long but can never impede your ever-impending excellence. In the face of that, be present.

    Goodness is intrinsic. The social theorist who debate our native goodness are apologist for slacking, defenders of the mediocre. They are paid to speak pablum to those who will not rise to the occasion of their best performance, who cannot imagine the good in others or that others may be better than their own failing aspirations.

    You are not that. You are natively emergent. You are brilliantly capable of self-organizing betterment. You can bring forth a preferred state to the status quo.

    Encourage good to follow its natural course towards improvement.

    Good is gravity. Let it draw you towards it until you are immersed in it. Swim in the good. Let your pores absorb it. To live within good tones you towards beauty and brilliance.

    Be on the lookout for where ever good appears. You will find it everywhere.

    No matter how jaded the world may seem, how degenerate the environment becomes, be alert to the silent, steady presence of the good. In the darkest hour, it perennially appears.

    When you see it, delight in it. Bless its effort. Congratulate its victory over less than best.

    In everyone you meet, in all of the situations you pass through, acknowledge the presence of the good and the consistent  dream to be better. Remind them they're good and getting better.

    Find whatever is yours to do, then, lift it up.

    Be quiet in this. Be intuitively precise in what you feel and think and do to mature the slightest improvement that leads to their inevitable perfection.

    Do that for yourself. Do that for others.

    You, creator are the source of every good thing in your world. In any moment, you are designed to take whatever chaos is unfolding and spin it into something beautiful and good.

    It's not a fairy tale. It is the physics of your being and the invisible driving force of heaven in the world.

    Heaven and its excellence is an ecological intent – we intend to make it so.

    You can't hold others up to this standard.

    No expectation makes goodness so. We have too long been acculturated to “whatever.” Rather, encourage them to climb up to their peak presence.

    You yourself know how ridiculously hard this is.

    You live in a world that trivializes goodness to manipulate the dream of goodness leggi il report completo.You know the virtue signaling of commercial mediocrity.

    Our very aspiration to see good, to emulate good and be good is used against us to dissipate and dissolve the power of our good mastery to the benefit of those who are less than good. You are societally trained to respond to this like Pavlov's Dogs. You have struggled through this your whole life.

    But this is not your fate. That corrosion of your spirit is annihilated the moment you reach in and touch your perfect root, From that well, draw up the constant, refreshing presence of your basic goodness and fuel yourself on every beauty presently available to burnish every limitation, polish every tarnished space and make the whole of you the scaffold for some personal radiance - your energetic intent to just be good.

    Then arises a perfect being that can lead the day into a golden age. Do that, creator. Silently, steadily, do that. That would be good.

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