Activating the Culture of Creators

    You can feel this thirst in everyone. You can feel this hunger in yourself.

    It's not new. It has tracked us in the shadows from our emergence as a modern species 10,000 years ago. You can smell it underlying every historical event that comprises our narrative through time. No matter what ethnicity you track, no matter what epoch you explore, there is this unsatisfied recognition that we have never really been free to be who we truly are.

    We have a word for what that freedom looks like - HUMAN DIGNITY. Yet no one defines it all that well.

    Define it is simple: Human Dignity is our a priori power as a sentient being to individually choose how we will adapt to the risks we face - how we choose to take the world as it is and decide how we want it to become. That is always and everywhere a personal choice. We can tell that's true by the sheer force of everyone who insists they will make that decision for us.

    Therein lies a balance, a poise we maintain between our self determination and the well being of our commonwealth. You can feel it in the home, at work, in society - all day, every day we massage the balance of power between the individual and the group. That balance is also simple: when the individual is healthy and flourishing, the group thrives.

    Really big forces intend to sway that balance to consistently shape outcomes in their favor. So much so, that the mass extinction of individual liberties we feel sweeping the planet at this time make clear that a plan is afoot to homogenize this brilliant wealth of Human Dignity into some hollow, cardboard cutout of what a human really is.

    That's a very bad plan.

    Here's a better one.

    How about we systematically release the genius of humanity, one person at a time, infecting a contagion of creative freedom that encourages a diverse, innovative excellence to spring up in untold variety and continually help it expand like a wildfire to enflame the whole of the human race into the full flourish of our untapped wonder and beauty?

    Think about it. That would be fun - exciting - productive. Not just for the individual who finally emerges as brilliance but for all of us as participants in the renaissance of humanity. Then, think about this: is there really any choice here?

    The dystopian vision we now embrace, the 1984 sensibilities currently flooding the bitstream is just ugly. You don't want it for yourself, you'd never want it for your children. The only grounds for excepting it as a lifestyle is that Malthusian dysfunction that teaches the masses that it is the only option if they want to survive.

    It is not survival. Its extinction. And we all can feel it. None of us really want to be a part of it so why should we accept it?

    Particularly when we have all of the tools within reach to liberate everyone into our native world of unbridled wonder and discovery. Your kids want that. Every child always has. You wanted that. If you have surrendered that, you need to know it can be re-claimed, re-initiated, renewed and re-invigorated.

    That starts now as we flow into the next moment. Prevent the World of 1984 from becoming your future? See more. Do more. Be more. Make the dream of Human Dignity come true.

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