Living at The Speed of Light in A Complex World

    Do you feel your life is all too big and complex?

    Your right. It is. None of that is going away. It will not get simpler from here.

    In fact, it is accelerating, going further, becoming more expansive and infinitely richer. That's the business of the cosmos. It makes stuff up, weaves it together, diversifies its shapes and forms and endlessly expands pouring out an ever complexifying field of unexpected consequences so, all in turn interact and mash up even more improbability. Then, it devours itself, feeds on itself to start all over and do something completely different, over and over again. We'll just have to deal with that.

    And we are perfectly equipped to do so!

    For all of its weirdness and unpredictability, all of its tendency to take everything we know, everything we count on and turn it upside down, no one is better at dealing with the complex and chaotic than we are.

    We're not alone. We share this remarkable quality of adaptability with creatures big and small. It's in our genes. It forms our cells. The very root of nature is this tendency to self-organize within a complex environment.

    Our whole existence is an ever-changing landscape in which we must ceaselessly adapt - in the big scope of things, in the details, everything we do is adapting. Every one of our thoughts and actions is a tiny step in a dance to balance the changing forces of the cosmos as they slam into our personal field of experience.

    Everything you find on this site is focused on how we adapt - how we take the readings of our life, churn them over in our head, whipsaw them through the running conflicts of our emotions and send them out again to change the world we live in.

    More importantly, this site is about how we mature that process from our promising beginning to our inevitable end - how we grow from infancy to mastery by meeting the moment-to-moment demands of our constantly changing life; how we adapt and flourish.

    If we don't, we go extinct. I love saying that part because everyone hates to hear it. Yet, here we are. Adapt and flourish or go extinct. Seems like a simple enough choice.

    How well have we learned the wisdom and skills that foster our adaptation and avoid our extinction? Hopefully we ask and answer that question before the clock runs out.

    If that's an issue for you, this site can help. The ideas and exercises I arrange here come from many sources -the ancient traditions, the modern discoveries. I've studied them, compared them, practiced them, mashed them up and condensed them over and over during my life. Every step of the way, I've tried to stop and sum them up, asking myself, "What do I know now?" "How can I best summarize this art?"

    You always get the most recent cut oberster artikel. The revelations of contemporary research is astounding. Yet, they echo the most ancient wisdom. Our challenge is to comprehend the best of the old and new and integrate it into a vehicle that advances our aspirations and efforts.

    To do that, we'll apply a four-part method to explore this critical function of self-mastery.

    First, we'll swallow a little theory.

    Then we'll discuss that as we explore its significance through different lenses and viewpoints.

    We'll follow this with some exercises and experiments so that we can get a visceral feel for what we're talking about.

    Finally, we'll sleep on it. Meditate. Put it away and let the deeper regions refine what we have learned and then,

    We'll weave what we've learned into our daily life.

    As we ply these four means, we'll do so along the entire spectrum of our consciousness. We'll direct all of this towards the expressive edge of our life where we connect with the world and make change happen. We'll also apply these ideas at our core, exploring what changes at the depth of our being implies.

    At both that root and its rim, we'll discover that self-mastery is an all-pervasive exercise that, as it matures, empowers our aspirations, deepens our knowledge and wisdom, hones our skills, perfects the artfulness of our efforts and leads to a durable sense of peace and well being that powers us to experience and perform whatever is required under any conditions.

    You are going to feel you already know something about all of this. It makes sense. That's because you already and forever have been engaged in self-mastery. This site only mirrors who you already are.

    Read it with heart and mind. Take some ideas for your own. Create your own running summary of what you now know; your exercises to master. Share it  with others. Champion your self-mastery and encourage it in others.

    Then, the big, the complex, the expansive, the rich, impossible world we live in becomes your stage, your playground - a living laboratory of what you can be and what you can do. Take your personal aspirations and feed them through your growing wisdom and your self-perfecting skills.

    As you master your ability to adapt and flourish, make something up. Do something remarkable and beautiful. When your done, do it again and again and again at the very core of your existence and at the far edge of your growth in the chaotic world. 

    If you find this useful, there's more ideas like this to be explored here at [email protected]. Take some time, log in and read around.

    If this brief exercise opened something for you, use your email address to log into comments on this page page. and tell us about your experience. You'll be able to read what others have discovered doing this. I think you'll be amazed at what we share when we join a common exercise like this one. The results can be remarkable.

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