The Creative Universe

    Look at me. I mean look at me carefully. Do you think I'm kidding about this? Do you think this is an accident? Do you think I pull any of this off because it's just the way my molecules mash together? Just a random chance? That I'm some freak of nature?

    No. No. No. I mean all of this! I planned the whole thing. Thought it up. The color, these eyes. The legs (still working on the legs but you should see my feet). This is intentional.

    I get up every morning and wear this all day, every day. Did you think I was trying to blend in? What do you think I live in a bead shop? Think this is just some Darwinian survival of the fittest? Phhht..

    This is my style. Chicks love this. It works, I make babies who all look just like me. I create this stuff intentionally!

    Look it up. Creation means to bring something into being - into existence.

    It's not special. It's not rare. All across the universe we do this this non-stop for nothing more than the chance to do this and feel what its like. As for me, this feels Gooood.

    But then, we go extinct. Boom! Done. Fini. Everything goes extinct.

    That's creation. The universe is in the business of coming into being and going extinct. Deal with that! We have all got to deal with that.

    Everything that comes into being consciously arises - mind assigns the scope and function of what will be. The projections of consciousness come into being and go extinct. Mind makes both sides happen. Mind orders and arranges relationships Mind experiences and feels both the imposition of its changes and the effect of those changes on relationships.

    Creation is the boilerplate upon which everything arises. So common. So not special.

    What is special is our individual capacity to resonate specific arrangements of relationships like this fine, beaded jacket. I can do this because i've got the beaded jacket aesthetic and  I'm highly skilled at beading jacks. You would probably struggle with this but you could try some simple decorations, a bead purse, a bracelet, a necklace.

    Every creator has a niche.

    They're not rigid. It's all very motile. The way we do one thing here can have analogies over there. We can study what one creator does and attempt to replicate it. We can even surpass their effort.

    Across the whole of the cosmos, creation communicates with itself and the signal it transfers is how to create, how to take the current conditions we find ourselves in and change them into something we desire.

    It is a wave of becoming endlessly surging across the entire weave of creators. We resonate in endlessly varying ways with that wave. We do harmony. We do dissonance. We repeat a theme. We improvise something new.

    In all cases, we resonate.

    Resonance is our ability to attune with any given conditions. It's the balance achieved between the expression and experience of change and extinction.

    Watch for it. See it in action everywhere. Feel it in motion within yourself. Activate your awareness of creativity in your life.

    Then, play with it.

    Creation is play. When that play becomes artful, wonders unfold. Look at me. This takes no effort at all on my part. I nail this look every time.

    OK. So, stop gawking. Move along. There's nothing to see here.

    Rather, ask yourself," What wonders can I make with my creation?"

    Then, get on with it. Show us your best and brightest before you leave the show...  

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