Native Aspiration

    Here's a thought exercise.

    What if you are this flowing presence of wholeness, this masterful, adaptive being that lives always on the horizon of what you might become, what you might do?

    What if you went on a little walk-about, taking in the sights and sounds of your world, pressing on a bit beyond the known limits of your comfort zone and daring to explore just one bit more.

    And there, as if from out of nowhere, you are surprised to feel the tingle of excitement, some pull drawing you into something you have never known but now, standing before it, you are seduced. It calls to you as if it knows you and entices you to pay attention to it, to appreciate its presence?

    What if in this moment a powerful drive awoke to move inside you, rearranges your life to form this essential question, "I wonder what this could be like?" I wonder if I could do this?"

    And with that query, find yourself drawn deeper into the thing, deeper into the mystery of something you know nothing about.

    Your emotions are stimulated. Some native aspiration arises. You want to live in this new state, embrace a thing you've never learned, never done. You wish to make it yours You wish to be competent and skilled in this ability, this new understanding. You want the deep wholeness this new experience promises you in this moment.

    Act upon this moment. Trust that you intuit something deeply fulfilling. Press into it like a lover. Learn its ways. Practice its arts. Acquire its skills.

    Make a steady habit of success to move through your limitations, break down barriers and attain this.

    Through your practice of self-mastery, learn to live in the zone of becoming, exercising, practicing this new love, allowing it to seep deep into you. Reliably, steadily hold the door open into the unknown until from patience and practice you find you have become a wise, open and spontaneous being who does this masterful thing.

    This is how its done.

    Go do  it.

    Go make it yours.

    You were born for this.

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