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That's some dream you have. Now, make it come true. There's no magic step that simply opens the door to success. Every step must be navigated. Should you wait? Should you barrel ahead? Every event you encounter requires the right response at the right time because your very thoughts and obviously your actions will cause something else to unfold...what should you do?

Underwrite the success of your efforts with a comprehensive understanding of how you create your future. You can gain that understanding with Self Starter, the visual trainer for creative minds.

I've linked the critical ideas of The Art of The Zone with simple, graphical images. These little, visual mirrors link together to form a rich optics of ideas that help you keep your creative efforts in perspective and take action that lead to success.

Here's how it works:

  • Study the concepts.
  • Identify the image with the idea.
  • Whenever the image appears, think of the creative concept it represents.

Over time, reflecting on these these ideas weave a cognitive network of creative understanding that becomes a foundation for your creative life. They train you to form a fabric of habits you use to choose the right response at the right time to achieve the outcome you desire.

It's like a pocket coach and consultant. Whether you want quick access to solid support or a spontaneous way to view your situation from an unbiased view, Self Starter opens the door of possibilities by keeping your attention focused on the critical issues that lead to success.

If you want to access this powerful pocket coach for creative self-starters, just let us know below. We'll notify you as soon as its released.


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