Keep it Simple

    Life can be complex. Always complex. That's hard for most of us to deal with, so we try, in various ways and to various degrees, to keep it simple.

    We are at a loss when we don't understand the world,  It bothers us to be confused. We want to know where we stand, where this whole thing is going and how its going to turn out.

    We want that but that almost never happens. And today, in the rockety whiplash of accelerating change, that's never going to become increasingly probable.

    What to do? What to do?

    Paying attention sound good. Simple. Direct. Immediate.

    Whatever is transpiring, its happening right now. If we live a life free from distraction (a simplifying thing), we could probably be directly alert and aware to what's going down, see things for what they are and, if accurately done, probably organize an instant strategy to do the right thing at the right time. That would be quiet cool, anytime.

    Paying attention pays off.

    It's not everything. Complexity will not become simple just because we pay attention but paying attention allows us to see the big picture and begin to ascertain the parts. Perhaps we could notice the essential factors or recognize an unfolding trend. Paying attention leads to such things.

    Because paying attention is such a simple asset, we can apply anytime and anywhere at any level of detail or complexity. It's like the a camera lens we point in the right direction. The first secret of brilliant photography is to always have your camera with you co when you see the shot, you take the shot.

    Brilliance show up this way.

    Paying attention simply heads towards best performance, something that will never appear when we are distracted. So, if we wish to increase the probability of performing at our best, paying attention underwrites the entire effort.

    This simple talent has another benefit: paying attention allows us to take in the action and calmly asses the event. We don't need to be agitated or excited. In fact, paying attention is typically very calm and steady. Paying attention is poise. and poise is key to best performance.

    Given that our existence will increasingly become a creatively messy place, poise and the calm clear eye it provides us will chill the chaos and clear the clutter from the field so we can focus on the next thing we should address.

    No matter how complex it becomes, if we are clear and alert, poised and attentive, we will be better off, better equipped to do what needs to be done.

    That's powerful. And simple. To posses such power in the midst of the ordinary is big. We need to become powerful in our relationship with chaos. That's not all powerful. This isn't a graphic novel. You're not a super hero. But you are inherently big, if you clear the trash out and simply stand in stillness, paying attention and moving correctly when the time arrives.

    So simplify your game. Attend to what need attending to. You'll know it when you see it if you simply keep it simple....

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