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Reflect on your life.
What is the central thread of continuity that has always been present from your earliest days to the person you are now? Imagine every experience you’ve ever had was a bead strung along this thread.

Your experiences form a chain of continuity from birth to death.
Find this core of who you are. This is the heart of self-mastery. What thread are your experiences strung on? This thread is an axis that connects the life within you with the world around you.

Your most important mission is to find the thread of this axial core within yourself The ideas and symbols that follow help to guide you in this quest for our creative core. They are cognitive functions that spin on this central axis.

Find the thread of your axial core. Master these functions. Use them to show us your brilliance.

Then, throughout your daily life, create beauty Make it your most important, personal goal to perform with excellence.

Make that the core of your every act.

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