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An essential habit that improves any thing is to train your brain to be open to unknown possibilities.

Once you establish a quiet, observant mind, you can replace fearful reactions quickly by one simple process:
Any time a fear takes over your brain, quickly tell it, “You don’t know that!”

Fear is logically constructed and emotionally responded to.
In all cases, it is based on incomplete information.

There is always something you don’t know.

Don't automatically make things into catastrophes.

Teach the brain, “You don’t know that.”
In a short time, it will automatically respond with a more open ended, wait-and-see attitude.
When fear is proven groundless, you become more relaxed and open to unknown possibilities.
Your choices become clearer.
Fear no longer leads you.
As you become masters of self-talk, become comfortable with your quiet mind, you grow masterful.
The paths of least resistance become apparent.
You take them.
You stay on them.
You grow more comfortable in your own skin.
You grow more effective in the world.

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