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When we practice The Art of The Zone, small, steady improvements appear. As they do, recognize them and feel the difference they make. Make small gains and leverage them to create ongoing success.

Our ability to adapt to change improves.

We become masters of our own creations.

When we become masterful, we stabilize these important assets:

Our awareness of ourselves and the world deepens.

We see clearly.

We reason accurately.

We become insightful.

We recognize where choices lead, so

We make better choices.

We become motivated.

We become responsible.

We take artful actions.

We empathize with the creative challenge of others and from that

We work together for the common good.

That makes us wise.

Peace resides within us.

We grow comfortable in our own skin.

Creative power grows.

We master ourselves.

Brilliance becomes our common ground.

Beauty pours through us.

Love occupies the world we form. 

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