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The success of our hopes and dreams depend on how we perform at a gate of change, when “how things are” turns into “how they are going to be.”

In this moment, there are no guarantees at this gate. We may win or lose whenever we step through.

Before we move through change, things seems familiar. We believe we know how life works. We believe we know the world we live in. We may feel comfortable.

Beyond this gate of change, mystery awaits.

We don’t know what comes next.

To advance our hopes and dreams, we walk through this gate into the unknown and engage change.

Change demands we grow; change requires us to make the right choices; to meet the future with competence, skill, and clarity.

Mastering the unknown is the heart of a successful life.

We can develop a personal, creative practice that leads to success.

If we do, we acquire the wisdom and skill to become brilliant and create beauty.

The opportunity for this is always present.

Step through your gate of change.

Discover your path to performance excellence.

Whatever comes next, mastering this moment of change is the core of our success.

You can become a master of change.

Practice the Art of the Zone and form the Habit of Success.

Create what you wish.

Show us your best.

Then make that a little better.

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