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This is a personal, development lab. Practice here when ever you wish. This is a personal “run-time” device. Turn it on. Let it run.

Keep it open and available throughout the day. It mirrors your life.

Self Starter works by linking basic, creative concepts with unique, graphic images and motions. It is a sequential pictogram of creative process. Its mirror of creative nature encourages your creative practice. It helps you mature your creative prowess. Here’s how it works:

You naturally possess a tool kit of cognitive assets. These are the overlooked origins of your life. They form a window into your creative world and provide a process for adaptive improvement. Use this took kit to improve the probabilities of your success at the gate of change.

This suite of ideas is an evolving sequence. Each new image and idea builds upon the last. Together, they construct an integral vision of your native, creative strengths. They operate within you now.

Study them. Recognize and feel how they function in your thoughts and actions. Recognize how they influence change. Use them to improve your understanding of your creative power. Learn how your power works. Learn how you manifest your healthy, constructive presence in the world.

The Developmental Sequence
When you use this trainer, start at the beginning and move progressively through the sequence to the end. Following this sequence helps you enhance your performance. The first time you go through, do it quickly.
See the full scope. Feel these elements of your creative power.

When you’ve done that, go back and repeat that process. This time, take more time. Reflect more on each aspect of the sequence. Can you see its presence in your life? Can you feel its influence? The phrases and graphics are simple. Spend time with them. Reflect on what you learn here. How are these processes affecting the success of your life? How can you weave them together to improve your performance in the issues that  matter to you? Repeat this process often. Take anything you are involved with, anything you wish to do and examine it through the lens of these ideas.

If you can zoom in on your screen, do that. Blow these images up. The details can be revealing. There’s funny, sparkly detail in this. Blow up a section you find visually attractive. Crop it to the shape you like. Leave it open as a screen saver.
When you look at an image, always recall what it represents. Make these symbols alive by understanding their meaning and relevance. Repeat this regularly.

Explore how these icons work together in this model and explore how they operate in your creative life. There are many variations to explore. Each variation you zoom in on will help to reinforce awareness of your creative process and how these concepts influence your success.

Random Insight
After you have gone through the sequence a few times, explore the “?” button in the center of the controls. At any time, you can hit “?” to get a random animation of a key concept. If you’re facing a challenge and don’t know the solution, hit “?” and consider how the concept you get influences your situation. Is it a key to what you face, what you must do?

Once “?” has taken you to a spontaneous image, you can expand your insight by using “Forward” or “Back” to expand your understanding in this area. When you use “?,” remember it takes you out of sequence to explore concepts on their own. You can always get back to the beginning by pressing “ The Beginning.”

Keep the trainer open as you go through your day. Reflect on your life in this mirror. Reflect on this model, then act.
After you act, reflect on this model again. Then again, take action.
Reflect and act.
Practice this. Perfect it.
Reflect and act.

The more we reflect on these ideas and images, the more we can apply them intelligently to create success. Creation is a game to play often and play well. Each time we reiterate a concept, it reflects our changing experience.

We master creation by living creation. We can enhance that mastery by integrating this trainer in our life. Each time we go through The Art of The Zone, we understand more fully what it means in our creative life. The resonance we establish between this mirror and our daily life sets the process of betterment in motion.

Put your heart and mind into that.
Put your efforts into that.
Things will get just naturally get better.

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