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The brain guarantees your survival.
When it understands it must change to fulfill that mission, it does so willingly.
To guide it in making these changes do this:

1. Consciously observe, then identify the idea, feeling or behavior that needs to be changed or replaced.
2. Instruct the brain to be in charge of this adaptive demand.
3. Decide on an alternative response or behavior to replace it.
4. Instruct the brain to choose the alternative over the unwanted artifact every time an event triggers the undesired response.
5. When an event in life triggers the unwanted response, the brain will illuminate the new option.
6. When the brain offers up this new option, choose it. Willfully choose it!
Use it to guide your response to the event.
As soon as you do this, the new habit is reinforced. The brain now understands this is the adaptive choice. It will increasingly present this new response as the preferred choice in the future.
Each time it does, choose it.
Act on it.
Establish the new habit.
If you do this faithfully, the old unwanted habit atrophies and the new, preferred habit is established.

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