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The Art of the Zone is a mirror of our life.
It reflects how we self-organize our world.
We can discover ourselves in this mirror.
Then, we plant and stabilize this practice in ourselves.
Look into this window on creative life.
With this viewpoint, experiment with growing excellence.
We get good at what we love to do.
We perfect things.
We learn something new.
We learn to create well.
We feel better about ourselves as we become more creative.
We become open to wonder.
Growing prosperous by doing this, we share the benefits of our experience with others.
Introduce them to this mirror of creative life.
This causes a circle of awakened clarity to expand through the population.
The Art of The Zone is reiterative, so, repeat it regularly.
Repetition forms habit.  
If we keep this practice alive, we stabilize a wave of awakening change in ourselves and others.
Act like a creator over and over again.
Practice. Play better. Play through.
Discover moments that are amazing, surprising, insightful, useful, entertaining, heart tugging, quickening, inspiring, enlightening.
When that happens, we have entered the zone.
Play for this zone of creative brilliance.
Be there when it appears.
Explore and enjoy your emerging brilliance.
Show us who you are.
Show us how you master The Art of The Zone.

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