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This is a cognitive trainer in The Art of the Zone. It’s designed to raise performance in any area of your life.

These core functions are always ready to enhance our efforts. We can learn how they work in the thoughts we think and the actions we take.
Use these creative functions to find the path of least resistance. Turn difficulties into beneficial conditions. Then, use these new conditions to make things better.

Whatever we choose to become, whatever we choose to do, practicing The Art of The Zone raises our creative awareness and expands our possibilities.

Master these keys to creative strength. Do that one step at a time, one step after another. Work at it. Change things around. Get things done.

Learn how you create. Then, create well. Practice creating your world. Then, create better.

Become brilliant doing this! Make your life beautiful doing this. When this becomes a living practice, our natural, creative capacity grows powerful and guides our best performance.

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